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A manufacturer of melt pumps, polymer pumps, chemical pumps, screen changers and static mixers.

Today, PSI spans every continent and is represented in many countries. Manufacturing is in Hickory, NC and all our products are US made.

PSI Polymer Pump

PSI Polymer Pump

Extrusion Line Synchronization Made Easy

With a PSI pump between your extruder and die, you can directly dial in gauge control. Thus eliminating extruder surge and screw beat at the die, the line requires far less fine tuning and attention.

Here’s why: Extruder screws are efficient for providing a melted mix flow, but are not as efficient at providing a consistent pressure and volume to the die.

A melt pump, while not a mixing or melting device, is extremely efficient at building pressure and metering the polymer output. The PSI Melt Pump is a positive displacement device which provides a linear output over a wide range of operating conditions. A closed-loop drive control varies extruder screw speed to assure an adequate amount of polymer to the pump regardless of inlet pressure variations due to extruder surge and screw beat.

Precise construction makes PSI Melt Pumps extremely accurate volumetric metering devices. Each melt “bucket” carries a precise, repeatable amount of polymer melt to the output side of the pump.

The additional control of a PSI Melt Pump installation also provides you with more production line flexibility, first by shortening start-up times on difficult materials and second, by expanding your operating ranges of temperature, pressure and line speed.

PSI Controls closes the loop from pump inlet pressure to extruder drive while monitoring downstream pressure to eliminate any problems due to downstream line stoppage.

Significant Material Savings

Add a PSI Melt Pump to your extruder and you will see a material savings while making the same product with the same polymer. The PSI Melt Pump reduces pressure and volume variations by a factor of 50 to 1. This flow damping means very accurate outputs of 1 percent variation or less. Without the melt pump, extruder variations can mean giving material away to meet spec.

Higher Product Quality

No matter what you are extruding, better pressure and volume control will result in greater product uniformity. Uniformity translates to better quality, which may mean new customers and/or a higher products price.

Less Scrap and Runs Regrind

Consistent on spec production has an enormous effect upon production and profits. Not only does more production go out the door, but your extruder line runs smoother and more efficiently even with 100% regrind. Void and thin spots disappear.

Reduce Load on Your Extruder

Install a PSI Melt Pump System and reduce the load on your extruder. This load reduction can translate into higher output rates, lower melt temperatures, lower energy consumption, longer screw and barrel life. In summary, maximize the efficiency of your extruder with a Xaloy melt Pump.

Integrate the Systems

Put an PSI Screen Changer in front of the PSI melt Pump and further increase the productivity of the extrusion lone all from one company.and most important of all, your extruder producing again.

Slide Plate Screen Changer

PSI Continuous Screen Changer

PSI offers several different types of  Continuous Screen Changers that provides continuous polymer flow and consistent, repeatable process parameters during screen changes. As polymer enters the screen changer the melt stream is divided equally and distributed through two rheologically optimized breaker plates. This method of filtration provides increased screen area as compared to single breaker plate screen changer designs and maintains a streamlined polymer flow path. Polymer merges back to a single melt stream as it exits the screen changer.

On-site Start-up Assistance & Training

PSI offers a comprehensive service menu catered to meet your specific requirements and ensure your equipment performs to your expectations.